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Gin is made from juniper berries, little dark purple nuggets with superfood powers. These berries can help fight infection and prevent heart disease, improve blood circulation and even help fight kidney and liver disease.

They also produce a beautiful drink and the NickTick Gin Shop is pleased to offer some amazing deals and prices on the beautiful examples of gin shown below. Click on the links for more details of the current best prices.

Tanqueray Rangpur Gin

Tanqueray Rangpur Gin

Zesty Gin; Distilled four times to ensure quality; Rangpur limes to create flavours; juicy lime and mandarin oranges; hint of ginger; Juniper, coriander, angelica and liquorice; zesty and refreshing gin with a citrus twist
Earl Grey Gin

Half Hitch Earl Grey Gin

Lifting and aromatic; hits of light citrus and fresh bergamot; Spicy notes of bell pepper and juniper; sweet orange, nutmeg and a rich black tea; hints of woody spice; touches of bitter lemon;
Rock Rose Gin

Navy Strength Rock Rose Gin

Premium Scottish Gin – handcrafted with local and traditional botanicals to create the perfect taste – Scottish Gin Distillery of the Year 2019 – Very smooth for a 57% drink – punchier version of Rock Rose Gin. – juniper pine and lemon verbena – lovely warm blueberries and a hint of spice from the cinnamon – long, smooth and the light mint and rose flavours excel.
Cambridge Truffle Gin

Cambridge Distillery Truffle Gin

A RICH, DECADENT, AND LUXURIOUS GIN – This deliciously decadent flavoured gin is best enjoyed neat, over ice, with a twist of orange WHITE TRUFFLE – This luxurious spirit is led by white truffle from Alba in Itlay – an ingredient which is worth more than gold per gram
Bristol Dry Gin

Bristol Dry Gin

Micro Distilled Dry Gin made in Bristol with exacting standards and amazing South West tastes
Thomas Dakin London Dry Gin

Thomas Dakin London Dry Gin

A classic style London Dry Gin Zesty notes of sweet orange and fresh citrus Made in small batches uses the finest botanicals The horseradish brings savoury warmth on the finish
Anfield Gin

Anfield Gin

PREMIUM TASTE – Only the finest 8 botanicals used featuring bold notes of orange and elderflower HANDMADE CRAFT GIN – Distilled by the experts at The Handmade Gin Company using traditional vapour extraction methods and small copper pot stills MERSEYSIDE UNIQUE – Each Anfield Gin is hand-signed by our master distiller with its own unique bottle number
Darnleys Gin

Darnleys Small Batch Scottish Gin

EXCELLENT FLAVOUR: Bottled at 57.1%, this gin uses the same botanicals as Darnley’s Spiced Gin but with more juniper. We recommended it mixed with a good qaulity tonic, a wedge of pink grapefruit and lots of ice. SUPERIOR PRODUCTION: Made in a London Dry style in a 350 litre copper pot still, this increased proof gin is bold with an intense warming spice flavour.
Masons Yorkshire Gin

Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin

MADE THE MASONS WAY – Masons was started with a simple mission to create gin with more character, more flavour and uncompromising quality. Distilled to exceptional London Dry standards, without compromise or shortcuts. Masons Gin is made with love and care, as it should be.
Bulldog London Dry Gin

Bulldog London Dry Gin

Bulldog is a modern reinterpretation of London Dry Gin, wisely crafted with exotic botanicals making it unexpectedly smooth Its 12 botanicals include White Poppy from Turkey, along with Dragon Eye and Lotus Leaf from China; adding a layer of distinction to its refreshing citrus notes Founded in the USA by a daring entrepreneur with the ambition to create the first modern Gin. This is the birthplace of Bulldog
Scillian Gin

Malfy Con Arancia Scillian Gin

Italian heritage – consumers associate Italian products with high quality, tradition and centuries of experience/know-how Coloured Liquid – the orange liquid of MALFY CON ARANCIA – gives a stunning vibrancy on shelf – and stands out from the crowd; for the consumer, the orange liquid in the glass will create beautiful and delicious cocktails Standout Packaging – frosted bottle – decorated with rings to represent orange peels
Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire East Dry Gin

Bombay Sapphire East Dry Gin adds two exotic and fragrant botanicals to our Bombay Sapphire signature recipe The addition of lemongrass and peppercorns gives an exotic and fragrant flavour to our Bombay Sapphire signature style Infused by exotic eastern flavours, this tasteful gin brings added spice and a generous hint of citrus Ideal with tonic but equally superb in cocktails. However you enjoy it, there’s much to look forward to Bombay Sapphire East is bottled at 42% ABV, which makes it extra punchy
Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Original Botanical Dry Gin

Distilled using a blend of seven exotic botanicals, soft Dartmoor water and pure grain alcohol Ideally balanced, smooth and citrus flavoured gin Enjoy rich flavour over ice with tonic and a twist of lemon Use to make classic cocktails such as a Dry Martini or Gimlet Ideal gift to offer for Christmas, dinners, birthdays, Father’s Day and other special occasions
Tanqueray Gin

Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla

Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla is made with bittersweet Seville oranges to deliver a fruity and zesty taste, balanced with the four classic London Dry botanicals It is inspired by an original recipe created by Charles Tanqueray in the 1860s, using Seville oranges to create a distinctly enjoyable yet complex gin Enjoy the delicious aroma of citrus fruits and orange zest, with tasting notes of juniper, orange, vanilla and spices
Gordons Slow Gin

Gordons Sloe Gin

A festive alternative to a G and T Sloes are the fruit of the wild blackthorn which are grown naturally in the countryside. We take the finest wild sloe berries and steep them gently, before adding Gordon’s London Dry Gin, combining the juniper taste of Gordon’s with cassis sweetness First produced in 1908, Gordon’s Sloe Gin is longest-standing flavoured gin Why not try a Gordon’s Sloesecco. 25 ml Gordon’s Sloe Gin topped with prosecco. The ideal gift for festive get-togethers, or to simply enjoy at home