How to find the best 3D printer

how to find the best 3d printer

Innovations in technology have brought new devices and gadgets to the market, including some of the very best 3d printer. Now we are equipped with some of the most advanced machines ever designed with the latest technologies.

If we talk about the printing industry, we now have 3D printers. They are now becoming more and more popular, as competition in the market is very high. This post will help you decide which 3D printer to buy.

3D printers allow you to do whatever you can dream of. However, as there are quite complex kit parts, it is often difficult to decide which one is best for your needs.

Our guide will help make sure you find a 3D printer that suits you and will prevent you from feeling disappointed in your new product.

Getting familiar with the best 3d printer?

Old printers print only one object in two dimensions. You can see it and touch it, but you can’t feel its edges and curves. Two-dimensional objects are deprived of volume, texture, and weight. A 3D printer is a new innovation in additive production.

3D printers are powerful devices that allow you to express your creativity and imagination by printing 3D objects. They are in several models, sizes, and prices. You can always see the one that suits your needs, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Moreover, these machines are versatile; can produce simple to complicated objects, including a ornament, car, or residential building. I expect that most home users are’t planning to build a residential property just yet though! Let me know if I am wrong!

If you want to buy one, you should know that choosing a high-quality 3d printer can be a daunting task, especially since there are tons of manufacturers claiming to deliver the best 3d printers on the market.

There is tons of information you can find online, and it can be confusing what to get, so you consider this buying guide first to find the best quality 3d printer.


3D printer costs differ. There are expensive and affordable machines; they are priced by features and specifications. You wil need to consider your budget and type of printer you need. You may also need to find when a brand is offering a discount. You won’t get much less that £500 and can easily spend way into the £1,000s.


The 3D printer build area refers to the maximum size of an object that you can create. 3D printers now come in all shapes and sizes, so some have a larger or broader construction surface than others.


Determining the desired application and material feature is a significant factor in selecting the best 3D printer. For example, for concept modeling applications, the physical properties of the object are not very substantial.

However, materials for fast manufacturing applications must be molded or resistant to high temperatures. Consider your application if it is intended for conceptual models, verification models, pre-production applications, or digital or production models.

In essence, 3D printing works by heating a filament until it is malleable and changing it to the shape you need. However, there are several different filament materials on offer, and not any printer can use any type.

The two most common materials are Lactic Poly Acid (PLA) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Stira (ABS), but there are also ceramics, wood, bronze, and many more. Some 3D printers combine multiple technologies and can host a variety of materials, which increases their flexibility.

people looking at the best 3d printer
family using the best 3d printer

Print Speed ​​ 

3D printers with higher vertical construction speeds are preferred for concept modeling, as they allow the rapid production of different parts in the shortest possible time.

Secondly, the print speed may also be the time required to print a specific aspect or volume of an object. The method is applied to technologies that quickly print a single part of simple geometry, but the process slows down when additional pieces are added or the complexity or size of the geometries that are printed increases.

In general, having a high print speed is always an advantage, especially for concept modeling, as it will allow you to quickly make an alternative to your digital 3D model for comparison and refinement in a short amount of time.

Detailed Resolution 

This attribute of the 3D printer is usually indicated in dots per inch (DPI), Z layer thickness, pixel size, beam point size, and bead diameter. You can check the double resolution by visual inspection. Using a digital microscope, analyze the edge, corner definition, and texture. If you need a 3D printer to test the verification, you need one with excellent detail resolution, because the printed parts must accurately follow the design.


This means the quality of the printed parts. The entire additive manufacturing process allows you to produce each additive component and you may have to deal with shrinkage of the material, which has to be compensated to produce accurate results. Power-based 3D printers have the least distortion and are generally accurate. Meanwhile, 3D printing technologies that use heat, UV light, or both are subject to several variables that can reduce accuracy. It is obvious to say that accuracy is essential for printing specific measuring test pieces and for producing solid print quality objects.

Qidi Technology 3D Printer X-Pro

If you need a user-friendly and highly performing 3D printer, QIDI Technology X Pro 3D Printer is the perfect option. Not only is it suitable for beginners; it is also an ideal choice for the people who already own a printer, but love to expand their printing possibilities.

It comes with many features and does a really good job. Furthermore, nothing beats the fact that this 3D printer comes at a pocket-friendly price, making it affordable for you. I have found them online in the £600 – £700 bracket.

quid best 3d printer
qidi x pro 3d printer

Key Features of the best 3d printer

  • Dual extrusion: permits users to 3D print with two different materials at a time, including support material.
  • Flexible and removable build plate: this allows for more comfortable and more convenient 3D print removal.
  • Enhanced cooling system: this 3D printer boasts four cooling fans for optimal cooling.
  • Closed frame: helps protect 3D print jobs from external interferences such as room drafts.
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Qidi Tech’s proprietary slicing software.

The body of the Qidi X Pro

The printer’s body comprises plastic and metal, the enclosure gives the printer extra safety. You get to see the printing process via the clear panel. Besides, it is a stylish looking printer, and because of its small size, it does not consume too much space on the desk.

You will love the QIDI Technology X Pro 3D Printer because of its cutting-edge features. A notable feature is the dual-extrusion, which enables you to make several multi-colored model prints.

Build plate

This printer also comes with a heated aluminium build plate. This means your prints do not stick on the bed, thus ensuring high-quality finishing. The size of the build plate is 230 by 150mm, and the print build volume is 225 by 145 by 150mm. The build plate can also be removed so that you can remove the finished models easily. Just bend it ever so slightly, and your models come popping off.


This 3D printer uses standard printing resolution ranging from 100 to 500 microns to create ABS or PLA models. Depending on the resolution that you choose, your print quality can be sharply defined or just average (mostly happens with models made in low resolution of 500).


This printer is very user-friendly, thus making it perfect for beginners. A small learning curve, and once you unpack it, put it together and plug it in; you can go right ahead and start printing your models.


QIDI print slicing software is already contained in the printer when you buy it. It is also compatible with other 3D printing software such as Cura and Simplify 3D. For connectivity, the QIDI Technology X Pro 3D printer is also compatible with Windows (64-bit) and Mac. It can be connected through Ethernet cable, USB drive, but it does not have Wi-Fi connectivity. You can run everything from your computer, or you can do it from the printer’s 4-inch display screen.

Temperature regulation

This 3D printer additionally has an incredible temperature control courtesy of its totally enclosed build space. The printer’s door is designed to seal the unit magnetically, allowing effortless opening and closing. Also, the printer features a smart Turbofan shroud fitting that helps in temperature control, by directing the flow of air efficiently throughout the machine for an even and fast cooling.

qidi 3d printer image bed

Assembly and usage

When you get the X Pro 3D printer, you should be on your way printing quality models about an hour later. Even if you are a total newbie to 3D printing, you will love the ease of use. However, this printer does not come fully assembled in plug-n-play mode. You will have to put it together yourself, but that is not too tricky. See the video below for more details. It is shipped with all the required accessories to attach the turbofan and the bolt heads, and you will be ready to start printing.

Final thoughts

QIDI Technology X Pro 3D is an excellent printer that will give you value for your money. It is ideal for both beginners and advanced users. It comes with standalone software already pre-configured – for Windows and Mac. When you look at other QIDI Technology X Pro 3D printer reviews, you will find many users who say they can do the same jobs that other printers do at much higher prices. You should buy this one without a doubt.

Anycubic Photon UV Curing Printer

Anycubic Photon is a 3D DLP printer that prints objects using liquid resin. UV light projects an image from beneath a transparent bath, which contains a liquid resin, which then builds the layer of the object layer by layer as it slowly lifts the platform.

Key features

  • 2K high resolution masking LCD for accurate reproduction of details
  • Full-colour smart touch screen for real-time viewing of 3D printing status
  • Stable offline plug-and-play 3D printing
  • Innovative structure for easy leveling
  • 25W UV LED, with uniform light distribution and extended durability, is in a stainless steel socket, equipped with an 80 x 80 mm radiator.
  • A built-in air cleaning system

The video below is an excellent tutorial on using the Anycubic Photon, direct from Anycubic themselves. These people know how to make the best 3d printer. 


It is very robustly built. The construction platform is quite impressive – being machined from a stable and beautifully anodized aluminium ribbon. The pivot levelling adjustment works well, but follow the tips in the manual to make the real maintenence lock bolt with the Allen key! Use the key with the short section inserted in the screw, so you can really benefit from a lever on the screw when you tighten it.

I underestimated the peeling forces at my first printing, and the build platform worked free and broke a 4-hour print. Once adjusted and tightened correctly, I found that I did not have to re-level the platform after removing it and reinstalling it for new prints. If you switched off the unit, you would have to readjust the zero point.

best 3d printer any cubic photon
any cubic best 3d printer


Instead of melting the plastic filament in a heated nozzle, DLP printers use liquid photopolymer resins. The resin is cured by UV light projected through an LCD masking screen, which offers minute print details. The process is called digital light processing.

On a DLP printer, 3D objects are built from top to bottom and printed from top to base, layer by layer. The entire image of each layer is projected onto the transparent bottom of a resin filled tank. The solidified resin is gradually dragged upwards by a lifting platform before the design of the next layer.

With the resin fluid included in the delivery, you can be convinced of the excellent print quality immediately after packing! Your ready-to-use Anycubic Photon DLP 3D printer and its built-in 2K high-resolution LCD mask, will give amazingly clear details.

Final thoughts

Anycubic Photon works well both in terms of print quality and ease of use. It is an ideal introduction to 3D DLP printing for both beginners and experienced users. Looking at the price/quality ratio, this is definitely one of the best choices in the printer market.

Elgoo Mars 3D Printer UV Photocuring

Elegoo Mars is an incredible 3D printer. Offering a simple and rewarding 3D printing experience at a very low price point, it achieves more than many of its contemporaries.

Key features

Elegoo Mars presents several features that make it not only one of the best 3D resin printers on the market but one of the best 3D printers available.

Lcd Masking 2600 Hd 2k

Where the Elegoo Mars 3D printer really shines is its working quality. The performance ratio of Elegoo Mars is astounding, and it is one of the most accessible 3D printers available.

See the video below from the 3D printing nerd, which gives a very thoughtful review of the Elegoo Mars. 

Print volume 120 x 68 x 155 mm

When comparing Elegoo Mars v Anycubic Photon 3D printers, Elegoo Mars shares a similar print volume at 120 x 68 x 155 mm. The average FDM printer has a generally larger print volume, but this is about average for an LCD printer.


Elegoo Mars does not take up much space and offers a small volume of construction. The design is remarkable in terms of price. The aluminum base aligns perfectly with the orange UV cover – looks very elegant on a workbench, but your taste may vary. It has a relatively small footprint, occupying a square space of 20cm x 20cm (7.87 x 7.87″) and reaches 16.14 “(41cm) high.

You will find a touch screen interface on the front of the base. It is pressure-sensitive, which is always welcome when working in nylon gloves. The user interface is easy to navigate and intuitive in design. Everything you expect is available – basic printer settings, leveling tools, and access to flash drive storage.

Printing Quality

The print quality of Elegoo Mars is incredible. This printer offers higher-priced competitors a run for their money. The X/Y  resolution is 0.00185 “(0.047 mm), so the quality of everything you print is already a few miles ahead of your standard FDM printer.

Printing on Mars is so accurate and no touchup is needed. Small details and tiny patterns are apparent and easy to print. The quality of printing is better that many similar (albeit more expensive) printers on the market.

Elegoo 3d printer

Printing Process

The printer uses a photopolymer resin for 3D printing objects. With the resin poured into the tray, the building platform is raised and lowered while the UV light underneath cleanses the resin in a hardened layer to create the object. This resin is not easy to reach without gloves.

The resin tray is easy to remove on Elegoo Mars. Two screws are released when the tray opens. In the corner of the resin tray is a groove that facilitates the casting of the resin through the funnel.

The construction platform offers a 4.7 x 2.6 x 6.1 (120mm x 68mm x 155mm) construction volume space. Attached to the z-axis with a convenient button screw, so that the construction plate can be removed, which you will do often when printing with resin.

The general process of printing on Mars is painless and straightforward. Level the construction board, and pour the resin; select a file to print and clean it at the end. Some objects may require a skirt along the construction plate to aid adhesion during printing. In these cases, you should remove the skirt from the bottom of the final print.

elegoo mars best 3d printer
best elegoo mars 3d printer

Compatible files and software

STLs and other 3D files cannot be cut with most FDM printer software – so don’t expect to use Cura here. Elegoo recommends ChiTu Box for Mars printing. It is worth mentioning that there are plenty of other options for cutting printer files from resin.  If you want to use a third-party slice, you will need to create a custom profile for Elegoo Mars. This issue is one of the drawbacks I suppose, because there software compatibility has to be thought through.

Final Thoughts

When you have decided to get a 3D printer, the options are endless. From the type of light source that the printer uses to the material it prints, it may seem like an overwhelming choice. Although there are many more powerful and sophisticated 3D printing devices on the market, ELEGOO Mars offers users a lot of versatility and a simple 3D printing experience that produces high-quality objects.

Is it worthwhile getting the best 3D printer?


A 3D printer has the power to speed up the manufacturing process and help you reduce costs. With the best 3D printers, you don’t have to wait for weeks to finish your prototype, deal with the inefficiency of workers, and pay for work. Purchasing a 3D printer saves you time and money. Frankly, this is the machine of the future and if you want to be an early adopter, get on board now!


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