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MXC is a digital trading platform focusing on the exchange of blockchain assets created by Wall Street, Japan, and Europe senior quantitative trading team and senior practitioners of blockchain through decentralised self-organisation.

The platform aims to provide users with more secure, more convenient, and intelligent blockchain asset circulation services, aggregate the world’s high-quality blockchain assets, integrate the top security systems and commit to building the world’s top blockchain trading platform.

Currently, MXC offers Token/Coin trading, OTC Trading contracts, and Financial Products. The platform uses 60% of the trading fees as bonuses, distributed to holders of MX token. The remaining 40% goes into buying back MX, which is burned every month from the market. The total amount of MX tokens is one billion, out of which 40 million MX tokens are already burned. Currently, 270 million MX tokens are in circulation.

Additionally, MX is a certificate of rights in MXC community. Holders of MX tokens can participate in the voting of community operations and the election of team officials.

The MXC Trading Platform is is one of the many options you have if you are looking forward to starting a career in FX trading. The broker has invested in an attractive and user friendly website which displays the five different types of accounts it offers traders. But as you may be well aware, a variety of accounts by a broker is just one of the factors that a trader will consider when shopping for the right FX broker. There are several other factors to consider too.

Registration and Licensing Background

According to the official website of MXC Forex broker, the firm has around 354,000 registered members. About 58,000 traders are active and it handles more than 5 million orders per year. MXC Forex is owned by MXC Group of Companies and one of the members is MX Capital Financial Limited of license number LL14278. The licensing body is Labuan Financial Authority of Malaysia. The contact information for the broker is Kensington Gardens, No. U1317, Lot 7616, Jalan Jumidar Buyong Federal Territories of Labuan.

There are regulatory bodies that are recognised and trusted by traders from all over the world. Bodies such as CySEC, FCA and FSB are some of the licensing authorities that traders want their Forex brokers to be associated with. It is unclear whether MXC are registered with them.

The Trading Platforms

If a Forex broker is to have a chance of succeeding, it must first invest in quality trading platforms. Many MXC Forex reviews have acknowledged MXC as having good trading platforms. There is the renowned MetaTrader 4 trading platform which offers thorough charting and analysis tools. It also enables a trader to react to the market in a timely manner. There is the MXC Forex MT4 Mobile which is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Forex trading with MXC

Super-nodes and Strong Community Support

As an enabling ecosystem, MXC endows all blockchain enthusiasts with enormous energy generated by blockchain and condenses the powers of all nodes into an all-round transformation of ecological construction, which enables them to gain new directions to adapt to market development, promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry and get along with it under strong community consensus.

MXC Advantages

  • Safe and stable: the platform has multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture.
  • High performance: up to 1.4 million singe/second high performance.
  • High Liquidity: Rich resources and numerous partners provide liquidity to the platform.
  • Multi-lingual support: it provides a wide of mainstream language support worldwide.
  • Multicurrency support: the platform supports various mainstream cryptocurrencies includingBitcoin, Ethereum and more.

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