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Portable Projectors

Some years back, the concept of having portable projectors small enough to take with you in your bag, and even less in your pocket, was just wishful thinking. However, as the projectors have shrunk in size, portable models have come into their own, making it possible to display your data and videos wherever you go. Not only that, but portable projectors have a surprisingly broad range in size, brightness, and features.

I regularly go out an present to client events and conferences as part of my role as a full time lawyer. I am constantly looking for tools to make the job easier and avoid having to carry heavy and bulky projectors around with me. I have tried many portable projectors to find the best compact and easy to carry ones, while also producing high quality images.

All the devices on this list of the best portable projectors are ideal for people who often travel for work. If you regularly visit clients and colleagues and need to make presentations, the best portable projectors will allow you to quickly and easily set up your presentation in minutes.

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What are portable projectors? 

A projector can be best thought of as an inverted camera that spits light out of a lens rather than receiving it. For the sake of this buying guide, we will consider digital projectors – that is, video input projectors that serve a function similar to a TV or computer monitor, while offering several benefits, which may include:

  • Larger image dimensions
  • Increased portability
  • Flexible installation possibilities

It means you can make presentations quickly and easily using your own equipment – rather than having to spend ages playing with the cables in front of an audience.

Here is a video with some excellent advice from John Sullivan of Projector People about what to look for when buying portable projectors

They can also be used for entertainment, giving you an impressively large screen for watching movies or playing games. Note the maximum screen size and resolution; many portable projectors can project large images, despite their small size.

So what should you take care of when you buy the best portable projector for your needs? To begin with, you should make sure that the portable projector has all the connection options you need. Most should have HDMI, which will allow you to plug almost any device into it, some do have a mini HDMI port, in case you want to use a special cable.

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Other portable projectors possess a simple USB output that allows the connection of laptops and other compatible devices. There are also incredible portable projectors that provide wireless connectivity, which make it easy to broadcast from your smartphone or tablet.

The best portable projectors also have batteries, but some still need to be connected to a power source, so keep in mind that when choosing the best portable projector for your needs.

You should also check if a portable projector has built-in speakers. Doing so means that you don’t have to carry speakers, but don’t expect sound quality similar to the cinema from these little speakers.

Goodee 4800 Lumens Portable HD Projector

The GooDee video projector is probably one of the best full-size projectors in this price range. It has an LCD display technology, 3800 lux, static contrast: 3000:1, and dynamic contrast of 10,000:1. It exhibits one of the brightest image projections, even at around the £100 mark. It works well both in bright settings and in dark environments.

Moreover, the GooDee Video Projector is the easiest to connect to most devices. It has various connectivity options, such as HDMI, VGA, RCA, and USB 2.0 ports. At a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels and a screen size of 35 to 180 inches, it is perfect for any multimedia home setting.

The GooDee projector has a lot of quality features, including good screen resolution and a fan that doesn’t make too much noise. The people who purchased this projector are overwhelmingly satisfied with the quality. It has achieved some great reviews elsewhere online.  It is thoughtfully designed and will improve the experience of watching or presenting the movies.

Key features

High-definition experience: GooDee HD generation projector has True 720p native resolution, has a color light of 4,800 lumens with a native resolution of 1280x720P, 2000:1 contrast ratio and LED lamp life- 50,000 hours, providing outstanding vivid color and more opulent details to capture everyone’s attention

Excellent viewing experience: a unique combination of ultra-large screen, large screen display size of 40-200 with a projection distance of 1.5 meters up to 4.5 meters ideal distance is 1.8 meters. An extra 80% brighter makes the HDMI projector ideal for any occasion, home entertainment, party and game

Portable design and built-in mini speaker: the unique design makes it easy to take anywhere. The integrated dual speaker can deliver a clear sound that meets your daily needs, such as film, photography, and games.

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It has full application compatibility with video projector support HDMI/VG /AV/IR/USB/Micro SD card. The USB HDMI and Dual ports make it more convenient. It can support multimedia photo, music, film, e-book, texts. Connect your computer/laptop/TV/mobile /iPhone/iPad/DVD player to enjoy Blu-ray or video; connect your PlayStation/PS3/PS4 or X-Box/x-360/x-one through the HDMI port to enjoy playing your time even more.

Brightness and features of the screen 

This projector has improved the brightness to 70% more than it used to, using the YG600 3500 LED Luminous Flux source. It projects a resolution of 1280 x 768 and is excellent for watching movies, games, presentations, and more. It uses LED lights and LCD display technology, giving it a longer lifespan and allows it to use less energy.


The GooDee projector has a variety of ways to connect to other devices. Supported connections include HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, and Micro SD. It features dual HDMI and USB ports for your convenience. You can also use an MHL cable to connect the projector to an Android phone or to connect to an iPhone using the HDMI cable and an HDMI adapter for iPhone.

Other features of portable projectors

This projector has a powerful cooling system that effectively prevents the overheating unit, keeping the fan noise at an low level. It also comes with two powerful speakers to enhance your audio experience.

In summary, the GoodDee HD Video Projector can become an excellent addition to the office and home for presentations.

All in all, when you are looking for an amazingly affordable projector, the GooDee projector can serve you well. Users can achieve exceptional clarity, and the size of its projection has a high range. The light source of LCD technology is embedded with it and can offer several significant benefits. It provides vivid dynamics to different colors, and in dark environments, it can deliver exceptional video clarity.

We give this our whole hearted recommendation.

Vanyko Performance V600 Natice 1080P LED Projector

The V600 is an excellent performer at a reasonable price. The projector is bright and produces a very sharp image at a native full HD 1080P resolution. Make some sacrifices to get this if you can, because it is really good.

vankyo portable projectors

Key features

  • Very bright display
  • Maximum projection of 300 inches
  • Good color representation


The VANKYO Performance V600 Mini Film Projector package is well-tuned with everything you need to get started in a well-designed package.

On the right side of the projector,  you will find an SD card slot, 3.5 mm AV jack, and 3.5 mm headphone jack. On the back are VGA ports, two USB, and two HDMI ports. There are also ventilation grills on the underside and side of the projector.

Here is a great video unboxing of the Vankyo V600 from the Life Kommando.

Bright and quality images

The most crucial aspect of a projector is the image quality, and the 1080p Full HD resolution offered by the Vankyo V600 is impressive. With the focus adjustment dial, you can process a transparent image.

This projector is incredibly bright. Thanks to the LED bulb, it is remarkable. It can project bright and clear images with bright lights or daylight filtering in the room, though, like any projector, it will suffer significantly when competing with bright sunlight in your room or directly through the beam. The colors look bright and vivid, even when projected onto a pure white wall, instead of a dedicated projector screen.

Image quality is exceptional, especially when you consider the price, and when when compared to travel projectors or budget models. Image quality is a core feature of any projector, and the V600 is worthy of its moniker performance.

Let’s face it – we will probably never see a projector with excellent built-in audio, just as we don’t expect our laptop or tablet speakers to blow us away. Vankyo prides itself on “dual hi-fi speakers” from two 5-watt speakers. In reality, the projector has a thin, tinny sound coming out from behind the case. The volume is surprisingly loud compared to other projectors we have used, but the quality and depth of the frequency is nothing to write home about.

Easy to use

The V600 is easy to use, and the software interface is basic. The projector offers settings for both rear and front installation options. You can adjust color temperature, key correction, brightness, startup options, and more from the simple (but old-fashioned) menu. Choosing the various input sources happens through a secondary source menu, which allows you to select the inputs quickly.

Other Features

The Vankyo V600’s features are primarily image-related, with its 1080p resolution capabilities and large projection screen size being the big selling points. At 4000 lumens, it is definitely very bright and can be used in specific illuminated environments, such as a conference room. The colors, contrast, and other features of the image are excellent, and the focus is clear.

Full HD projection can be seen on a screen size up to 300 inches wide. However, the projector must be approximately 30 metres away from the screen to project to that size. On the other end of things, the minimum screen size is 50 cm 5.5 metres apart.

You can connect your iPhone to the projector using a Lightning to HDMI adapter and an Android device using a Micro USB to HDMI adapter (none of these cables are included).

It has an HDMI cable so you can connect to devices such as your TV, laptop, game console or DVD player. The projector also offers other external connection options such as a USB flash drive, hard disk or SD card. There is also the option for VGA, a 3.5 mm AV port and a 3.5 mm headphone port.

Vamvo Mini Projector 4000 Lumens

If you are looking for an excellent projector for both business and entertainment use, then the Vamo Ultra Mini Projector Portable is a strong choice. This projector comes with some of the most exciting features out there. Users can get a vibrant screen with an image quality of about 1080P.

The Vamvo L4200 projector comes with an innovative compact size and weighs only 2.06 kg, which makes it an ideal portable projector. The device has an improved LED lighting system, which offers 4000 lumens brightness, 2000:1 contrast ratio with a native resolution of 720P (1080P resolution supported), decent enough to watch movies outdoors. It provides a projection size of 44-200 inches with a projection distance from 1.5 m to 4 m distance.

portable projectors vamvo mini projector

This innovative device also includes two stereo speakers embedded with SRS, without the need for additional speakers for outdoor entertainment. The portable media projector produces a good and clear sound with decent staging.

Key features

  • Multimedia projector
  • Compact and portable
  • Large screen and built-in speaker
  • High vibration
  • Very compatible
  • Easy to use
  • Good battery

Are you looking for a portable video projector that doesn’t put a hole in your pocket? Then you should consider the purchase of the VAMVO Mini Projector. This new multimedia projector with full features comes with superior construction quality, at an affordable price.

The company claims to have 50,000 hours of LED lamp life in this high definition video projector, much more durable than any other projector in this price range.

Great review of the Vamvo mini projector from the team at Gadget Crunch. 

The Vamvo L4200 also has future-proof connectivity options, including USB, SD card, HDMI ports, audio, and AV interfaces. You can connect and play multimedia files on your smartphone, connect a variety of game devices, and watch TV on the big screen. The quality of the bright projection, the useful features, and the affordable price make the L4200 ideal for home entertainment.

In general, the Vamvo mini portable projector can serve as a mini business station because it is incorporated with the multi-screen sharing function. It is also portable due to its size. It can also provide you with HD videos while you’re on the go.


All in all, a portable projectors are an excellent investment for anyone who likes to stay entertained on the go. These devices allow you to turn any empty wall into a massive screen for watching movies, video games, or presentations. Regardless of how you choose to use the projector, the key to getting the best viewing experience possible is to select a device that meets your needs.I hope that this guide will help you find a product you love to use.

Guide to buying portable projectors – what you need to know

What is contrast ratio?

This is the difference between light and dark on a screen. It is expressed in numbers. It compares the brightest white and the darkest black. Therefore, with a contrast ration of 1000:1, the brightest white is 1000 times brighter than the darkest black. Go for as high as you can.

What resolution should I get?

Resolution is the number of pixels shown on a screen to display an image or picture. The higher the numbers, the sharper the picture generally is going to be,

What is throw positioning?

This indicates how far you need in terms of physical space to broadcast your image. You should check that the room you are using is big enough to allow for the throw positioning (or throw distance)

How bright should my projector be?

Brightness is measured in lumens. Generally, the giver the number, the better in terms of quality if image. Most projectors start at 1000. I suggest that you look for anything over 2500 if you can afford to.

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