Reputation Repair online to improve a damaged image

Reputation repair online

Everyone needs to maintain a positive and healthy reputation online. A negative online reputation will damage your image significantly, both online and in person. This will quickly result in lost opportunities, both personally and professionally.

Therefore, it is vital that you keep a watchful eye on your online reputation. You should take the appropriate steps to repair any damage to your online impression as soon as possible, to ensure the you remain in control.

When your online image is under attack, you can still arrange for reputation repaid by considering some or all of the following:

Online Reputation Repair

Unfortunately, it is extremely easy for someone to damage your online reputation, both personally and professionally. A jilted lover could unanimously, ruin your personal reputation, which could lead to lost opportunities in your professional life. Professionally, one disgruntled customer or employee can outwardly lie about you or your business.

These are damaging events which could quickly reach both your current customers and friends as well as potential ones. A damaging backlash can follow quickly. Action needs to be taken quickly to ensure reputation repair. Otherwise, it will press away at your online image until the damage seems too severe to even attempt a repair. Whatever the level of damage, there are plenty of steps that you can take to repair your online reputation.

The repair that might need to be done depends on exactly what happened to cause the negativity. For instance, for a bad review or even a few bad reviews, the best thing you can do is acknowledge and respond the reviews. You need to be positive and assertive, defending yourself, but be careful not to be too combative. This is not an argument.

This is simply a response. Don’t turn it into virtual mud-slinging. That will not help your image at all. When respond in a positive manner, people will generally respect you more. Sometimes, if the criticism in the review was fair, acknowledge it and explain how you will do better next time. Usually, your response will be enough to negate the bad review or comment.

Regular reputation management

You should constantly be working on your online profile if you want to maintain a positive impression with customers and friends.

Think about how you can:

  • Post content about your business and industry on your blog. This shows you are active and up to date
  • Promote the positive elements of your business, as well as positive reviews from customers. This shows how happy your customers are
  • Continue to be active and exciting on social media. Share everything that your business is doing and keep the involvement high. This creates a buzz of engagement which is really helpful for helping if reputation repair is needed.

Keep your reputation repair ongoing at all times

Being quick is essential for repairing and maintaining your online reputation. If you haven’t been vigilant in keeping up with and responding to negativity in the past, you need to get this under control from now on. You must have your finger on the pulse of public opinion.

Although it might not always be at the top of your long to do list when things are going well, keeping up with your online image is essential for success. Searching for reviews, Google search results, and social media consistently is the key to maintaining a healthy online reputation.

A reputation, whether it is personal or professional, is a form of trust. A reputation takes a long time to build efficiently but always remains fragile – just like trust itself. One misstep or the wrong word from an influential individual and a reputation can be damaged in a second.

Thankfully, repairing a damaged online image is far easier than repairing a true breach of trust. While it may seem like the end of the world, having a damaged reputation is sometimes, simply a downside to the digital world. Anyone can say anything online and eventually, it will become associated with the business or person they are talking about.

Therefore, it is important to know to initiate your online image repair before it consumes our image and reputation.

Damage Assessment

You will need to stick at the process of reputation repair. In many cases, it is a lot more work than just responding to a positive review.

Whether it takes a few minutes or a day, take everything in and delegate what you can so that you can focus on growing the positive aspects of your work.

You need to logically assess the damage. As an entity of either your business or yourself, from a professional standpoint, you cannot allow petty insults or even lies to get the best of you.

Remember, you are working toward fixing the problem, not adding to it.

Damage Control

Once you’ve come to terms with the damage that’s already been done, you must realistically decide the level of control that you have. The amount of control is heavily dependent on how you choose to react; not the level of damage that’s been done.

So long as you can keep a level, positive, clear frame of mind while planning out your response, you are likely to suceed. It means that you are in control. With this control, you need to think of a plan and decide how public you want your response to be. By creating a detailed plan, your online image repair solution will be much easier to manage and progress.

Using a Reputation Repair Online Specialist

Reputation repair online is a specialist field which requires hard work and experience, so it will usually be sensible to speak to experts who regularly deal with this sort of work every day. They can advice on the best responses and carry out the ongoing work on your behalf.

They are able to:

  • Create positive content
  • Remove negative content
  • Bury damaging search engine results
  • Build credibility by managing your online image and ensuring that people only find what you want them to find
  • Replace bad with positive news by sending press releases to appropriate influencers
  • Monitor mentions of your brand online
  • Improve your search engine results through brand management

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