The Best Smart Doorbells and how to choose them

best smart doorbells

The best smart doorbell is a fantastic new item of technology which will help you scout out whether you want to answer the door or not. Is it your best friend coming to call, or a door-to-door salesman?

The smart doorbells use motion tracking and are linked with the cloud so they can alert your smart phone, as long as some signal is available. This will let you know about any activity at the door.

Smart doorbells are still in their infancy, but they are going to become much more than a novelty and are one of the best, most affordable home security devices available.

The best smart doorbells do put the kibosh on the old knock knock joke because actually all you have to do now is look at your phone!

Ring video doorbell

There are two versions of the ring video doorbell; one and two. They are both really good products. Version one gives 720 pixels HD which is perfectly good enough for most needs. It also has motion detection and alerts to the smart phone with night vision.

You can communicate through two way audio through the ring video doorbell as well.

The benefit of the version two is that it has 1080 pixels resolution and infrared night vision.The built-in microphone and speaker system make it a pleasure to talk to your visitor and is helpful for redirecting post which needs to be signed for. It can be hardwired or powered by battery and connect with Alexa too.

Byron Wi-Fi video doorbell

This is a solid entry model for video doorbells. It has full 1080HD video recording and 160° field of view which is fine for most purposes. It also has smart phone alerts and motion detection and you can enable two-way communication. This doorbell has Infrared nightvision which allows you to capture subjects up to 3 m away and can record what it says direct to an SD card.

Google Nest Hello

The Google Nest alternative to Ring features a 160° field of view and excellent high definition video recording. As it is a Google product you can be confident of the quality. And thanks to Google Cloud, you can record 24 / 7.

With the Google Nest Hello, the smart motion detection differentiate between people and objects. You can communicate 2 way through the HD audio and alerts come straight to your phone in the case of any unexpected visitors.


There is no doubt that the smart doorbell revolution is going to take hold. It provides security and convenience through the use of excellent technology. More more products will become available as time goes by so watch this space.

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