How a Virtual Assistant can be of help to doctors and medical professionals

virtual assistant

If you are a medical professional, utilizing a Virtual Medical Assistant (VMA) has proven to be advantageous in several ways, not the least of which is:

  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Retaining patients
  • Cost-efficiency

Increased personal attention to patients is a primary goal for most medical professionals. Employing a VMA makes reaching that goal more easily attainable.

The medical field is not immune to the “iffy” world economy –

If one of your goals this year is to reduce your on-site staff with the intention of decreasing your payroll burden – hiring Virtual Assistant services has proven to be the ideal way of transitioning into a financially less burdensome position.

VMAs are qualified to provide support to you in these key areas:

  • Insurance verification
  • Scheduling
  • Patient follow-up calls
  • Billing
  • Coding
  • Transcription
  • Mailings
  • Data entry
  • Ordering
  • And much more

What about Schedules?

Another convenience in employing a VMA in your medical practice is the Flexible hours a VMA can work.

Whether you need one during regular office hours for patient follow-up, insurance verification, scheduling, or after-hours work for tasks not dependent upon other businesses being open, such as: transcription and billing – a VMA is on-the-job, on-call for as many or as few hours as you need.

Your overwhelmed overworked staff are doing all they can to keep up with the surmounting paperwork but it just isn’t enough to move your revenue from limbo to bank. A VMA can be hired temporarily to do some “search-and-rescue” in order to dig your staff out from under that mountain of paperwork. VMAs have been able to successfully sweep into a medical billing department and dramatically reduce the amount of aging reports and getting those long waiting claims paid.

Are you New at This?

Let’s say you are just starting your medical practice and are building your clientele.

At this starting point for your practice it may not be financially feasible for you to hire a billing staff just yet. An experienced VMA can efficiently and affordably get you through the growing pains until it becomes possible for you to begin hiring your medical office staff.

You can choose how many hours you need them to work without the immediate worry of paying the expenses of employee benefits, sick-time, taxes, payroll, etc.

Have you made the switch?

You may have considered switching to electronic medical records.

Now you have a room full of patient records staring at you from their shelves waiting to be scanned into your high tech electronic records system but who, in your busy practice, has time to scan hundreds of records?

Enter – Virtual Assistant (Medical).

Teaming up with one of your staff members who are able to scan records into a pdf format, a VMA can upload them for you if your practice is internet based. If not, no worries – a VMA from Tasks Assistant can upload them to the storage of your choice.

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